What You Tire Tread May Tell You About Your Driving

August 26th, 2020 by

The tread on your car’s tires is important for traction, braking, and accelerating. It wears down, however, over time, and that wear pattern can reveal a lot about your driving habits. Learn what your tire tread might be saying about the way you drive.

You Drive Aggressively

The more aggressively you drive, the more stress you place on your tires, causing the tread to wear faster than normal. If you find that you’re having to replace your tires more frequently than the manufacturer’s recommended intervals, you might want to adjust your driving style.

You Brake Frequently

If your tires develop flat spot wear — a smooth area around the middle — you might be braking too aggressively. Hard or emergency braking causes the tires to skid, in turn rubbing off the tread that’s in contact with the road. If you notice this tread pattern but you don’t brake hard, have your brake system checked for a more serious issue.

You Turn at High Speeds

Feathering — when one side of the tread is worn and the other is sharp — is a sign that you take turns at high speeds. Slow down around corners to prevent this type of tread wear.

You Park Near Curbs

Wear to the tread at the top of your tire’s sidewall, or to the sidewall itself, can indicate you park too close to curbs. This type of tread wear is common among city drivers who park on the street.

Check your tire tread regularly to make sure it’s wearing evenly. If you notice any of these wear patterns, you might need to adjust your driving habits.

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