Lace Up Your Hiking Boots and Explore These 3 Denver Trails

July 15th, 2020 by

Denver, Colorado, is a beautiful city situated near many mountains and forested areas. Its location provides easy access to hiking areas and trails, which are open to hikers of all levels.

Mayflower Gulch Trail
The Mayflower Gulch Trail is an easier hike for families with kids and those who prefer flatter terrain. The trailhead is just off I-70 near the Copper Mountain exit. When exploring this trail, you’ll walk through wildflower fields and forested areas, as well as alongside a few historic mining cabins. If you want to increase the challenge, continue on the steep half-mile trail located past the cabins to see an expanse of meadows backed by sawtooth mountains.

Booth Falls Trail
To catch a glimpse of a stunning waterfall, head up Booth Falls Trail, a challenging trail that is meant for more experienced hikers. Roundtrip, the trail is nearly four miles in length. When you reach the top, you’ll be rewarded with a view of the 60-foot Booth Falls, surrounded by gold aspen trees and views of the valley below.

Agnes Vaille Falls Hike
The Agnes Vaille Falls are accessible via a 1-mile loop trail that is just south of Buena Vista. It’s family-friendly and ranked as easy to moderate, so feel free to bring your kids to experience this hike. Along with the view of the falls, you can also see the canyon cliffs and snow-topped Mount Princeton.

Get out and explore the area surrounding the city of Denver to experience these beautiful views and places for yourself. All you need is a pair of sturdy hiking shoes, some sunscreen, and a bottle of water to get started.

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