Buy Yakima Car Racks at Groove Toyota

Buy Yakima Car Racks at Groove Toyota 

Your Toyota is already a go-anywhere, do-anything kind of vehicle. If you want to add “take-anything” to that list of traits, you’ll need the right car rack. And when it comes to car racks, nobody does it better than Yakima.

Browse the following list to see how Yakima has revolutionized the car rack market.

Yakima Rack Options for Your Toyota

Roof racks

Naked roofs. Raised roof rails. Fixed point roofs. Flush rails. Yakima offers options for all types. No matter what sedan, truck, or SUV you drive — and no matter what you’re looking to transport — there’s the right combination of bars, towers, and attachments waiting for you in the Yakima roof rack inventory.

Truck racks

Sometimes the bed alone won’t do the trick. That’s where Yakima truck racks come in, making it possible to tote things like ladders and lumber through the week, and bikes and tents on the weekends.

Bike racks

When the trail calls, Yakima bike racks answer with accommodations suitable for your specific vehicle type. Looking for a hitch rack? Yakima offers vertical, tray style, and mast style selections. If you need a mounted rack instead, you’ll have plenty of trunk and roof configurations to choose from.

Base camp

Nothing beats the ability to set up shop on the fly, right where you are. Nothing makes it easier to do so than Yakima base camp products. Rooftop tents, vehicle awnings, road showers, other tent accessories — you name it, they supply it.


Yakima cargo additions come in handy, especially when you need to reserve most of your in-vehicle room for passengers. You’ll find a ton of great cargo box, bag, and basket options for every body style when you shop Yakima.


You can’t hit the slopes without your gear. Thanks to Yakima ski racks, snowboard racks, ski hitch adaptors, ski cargo boxers, and other snow accessories, you’ll never have to.


The Yakima fishing collection is the angler’s best friend. With three types of fishing gear carriers to choose from — fly-rod, cargo-box, and clam-shell — nothing stands between you and that wall-hanger.


There’s no better change of pace from the grind of the road than the open water. Yakima’s water sports lineup features setups for canoes, kayaks, surfboards, and other watercraft, allowing you to take the sea once you’ve conquered the land.


Of course, not everything can be hauled on the roof of your car. That’s why Yakima sells a variety of multi-sport trailers and accessories for longer, heavier items.

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