Battery Service in Denver, CO | FAQ

Battery Service in Denver, CO | FAQ

As with any other component of your car, your battery requires care and maintenance. Most vehicle owners, however, aren’t entirely familiar with the ins and outs of their car battery, which is why we’ve answered some of the most common asked questions below.

Your Battery Service Questions Answered

My battery warning light came on. Should I be worried?

The battery warning light on your dashboard doesn’t automatically mean your battery is failing. In actuality, the light can be triggered by your car charging system not functioning correctly. There are so many electrical components in your vehicle that your battery warning light might have nothing to do with your battery itself.

But hold on. Isn’t the charging system responsible for charging the battery?

Yes, your battery is directly affected by the charging system. If the warning light comes on, you will need to take your vehicle in for service right away. Otherwise, you may drain your battery’s power.

When does a car battery need to be changed?

There is no exact moment to determine when a car battery dies, so you should err on the side of caution. Have your battery checked regularly to see if it requires repair or replacement.

The average car battery’s lifespan is between three to six years, but it’s recommended that you have your battery replaced every four years.

Are car battery chargers good?

Portable battery chargers are convenient and great for emergencies, but if you have to constantly charge your battery, it may be time for a replacement.

Always follow the directions closely when using battery chargers. Your car’s battery is very delicate and potentially dangerous. Safety should always be your top priority. It’s a better idea to go to a professional service technician.

What drains car batteries?

These three factors can quickly drain your car’s battery:

  • User error: The battery loses its power when you leave the light on or forget to close your door.
  • Bad charging system: Your charging system could be faulty.
  • Parasitic drain: Certain parts of your car that run continuously, even after it’s off, can drain your battery’s life.

How can I tell when my car battery might be dying?

There are four ways to determine when it’s time to have your car battery checked:

  • It’s been a few years since your last battery change
  • The engine takes a bit to start
  • The dashboard warning light comes on
  • Your windshield wipers or other electrical components are not working properly

Do you think your car battery is on its way out? Don’t hesitate to bring it in for servicing. At Groove Toyota in Denver, Colorado, our expert service technicians can properly diagnose and rectify any problems with your vehicle, so you can get back on the road with peace of mind. Schedule your appointment today.