A History of the Toyota Land Cruiser

June 4th, 2020 by

The Land Cruiser is the longest-running nameplate in the Toyota lineup, and for good reason. This rugged SUV has a rich heritage, with more than 10 million sold across the globe. Learn about the history of the Land Cruiser and how far it’s come.

The Early Years

In 1951, the Korean War created a demand for vehicles that were useful in military applications. Toyota launched the BJ prototype, which was the original Land Cruiser, and it showed its off-roading capabilities while scaling thousands of feet up Mount Fuji. Three years later, the SUV was rebranded as the Land Cruiser and made available for civilian use.

Next-Gen Land Cruisers

The second-generation Land Cruiser, called the 20 Series, came out in 1955, and it was the first model made available to North American buyers. Over the next few decades, the body style and powertrain configurations changed, leading into the FJ40, or third generation. Toyota also released a wagon-style variant known as the FJ55.

Impressive Capabilities

With its history as a military vehicle, it’s no wonder the Land Cruiser is incredibly capable. What might come as a surprise is how comfortable and appealing the model is for both on-road and off-road cruising. Today’s Land Cruiser comes standard with four-zone automatic climate control, a wireless charging pad, leather upholstery, and a premium JBL audio system with navigation, a 9-inch touch screen, and satellite radio.

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